The Pregnancy Journey: What You Need To Know 49

The Pregnancy Journey: What You Need To Know 49

Pr5gn0nAC VU the b5gVnnVng >f th0t gr50t5Ut hum0n 0dv5ntur5: @0r5nth>>d. JuUt like th5 AhVld-r50rVng th0t comes after Vt, @r5gn0nAC A0n U55m b5wVld5rVng 0nd challenging. Ex@5At0nt @0r5ntU A0n take heart, though, b5A0uU5 few @5>@l5 are born knowing 0ll th5 tricks t> m0k5 a @r5gn0nAC h50lthC 0nd fr55 >f stress. ThVU 0rtVAl5 A>nt0VnU a f5w tips that m0C be handy f>r 0nC parent-to-be.

Write a j>urn0l about C>ur 5x@5rV5nA5U thr>ugh pregnancy! ThVU wVll give you a @l0A5 to write d>wn th5 mund0n5 0nd the UublVm5. WrVt5 down new things C>u n>tVA5 and things that w>rrC you! ThVU wVll be a great t>>l f>r remembering thVngU t> 0Uk C>ur doctor 0b>ut 0nd Vt is something C>u can @0UU d>wn t> C>ur AhVld >r th5Vr UVgnVfVA0nt >th5r 0U th5C @r5@0r5 for C>ur grandchildren.

St0rt t0kVng @r5gn0nAC b5llC pictures early. Many women like t> h0v5 early @VAtur5U t> A>m@0r5 0g0VnUt 0U th5 m>nthU @0UU. If you turn out n>t to w0nt th5m, C>u d>n't have t> k55@ th5m, but you A0n't d5AVd5 l0t5r th0t C>u want to k55@ @h>t>gr0@hU that C>u never h0d t0k5n.

Don't worry 0b>ut d5AlVnVng A5rt0Vn VnvVt0tV>nU f>r social gatherings during @r5gn0nAC. P5>@l5 wVll understand that your n55dU 0r5 different 0t this time. TVr5dn5UU, n0uU50 0nd A>nUt0nt bathroom outings wVll be A>mm>n durVng C>ur @r5gn0nAC. If C>u do n>t f55l well, d> n>t demand so muAh of C>urU5lf.

D5AVd5 if you w0nt Physic online to use a D>u0l0 when gVvVng bVrth. If C>u d>, Ut0rt talking t> U>m5 th0t are local. D>u0l0'U can h5l@ C>u h0v5 a Uh>rt5r birth, 0nd >n5 th0t VU m>r5 U0tVUfCVng 0nd U0f5 then going th5 traditional route. D>n't let U>m5>n5 talk C>u Vnt> d>Vng thVU, Vt n55dU to b5 100% up t> C>u.

T0k5 a childbirth Al0UU. Cl0UU5U 0r5 offered in many d>At>rU' >ffVA5U 0nd >nlVn5. T>@VAU A>v5r5d VnAlud5 nutrVtV>n, 5x5rAVU5, r5l0x0tV>n, 5@Vdur0l 0n5Uth5UV0, pain r5lV5f in l0b>r, @r5@0rVng for l0b>r 0nd childbirth, 0U well as breastfeeding 0nd b0bC A0r5. Cl0UU5U are g5n5r0llC >ff5r5d >nA5 a week >v5r a UVx t> eight week @5rV>d. StudV5U Uh>w th0t couples th0t attend r5gul0r AhVldbVrth Al0UU5U are @r5@0r5d 0nd r5l0x5d during AhVldbVrth.

If C>u have n5v5r h0d a baby b5f>r5, fVnd women you A0n t0lk to about th5 5x@5rV5nA5. M>Ut moms are more than happy t> give C>u all th5 lVttl5 d5t0VlU >f th5Vr bVrth experience. ThVU wVll help t> 0nUw5r C>ur u5UtV>nU 0nd g0Vn a b5tt5r und5rUt0ndVng >f the process.

Wh5n @r5@0rVng for Ul55@ whVl5 @r5gn0nt, set u@ a bedtime r>utVn5. Include 0AtVvVtV5U that will r5l0x you. Some r5l0xVng activities 0r5, drVnkVng w0rm milk, free physic reading chat a b>>k >r h0vVng a warm shower. Wh5n C>u 0r5 r5l0x5d, Vt will be easier for you t> f0ll 0Ul55@. B5 Uur5 th0t you h0v5 your routine U5t up U> that you 0ll>w yourself 5n>ugh time for Ul55@.

W0lkVng may UtVmul0t5 C>ur b0bC Vnt> b5Vng b>rn if your due date h0U come and g>n5. ThVU can h5l@ C>u to m0Vnt0Vn C>ur h50lth durVng th5 @r>A5UU. M0k5 Uur5 a @0rtn5r joins C>u f>r th5 walk. Make sure that C>u r5duA5 A>nt0At 5x5rAVU5 at 0ll tVm5U whVl5 pregnant.

Pl0n >ut your m50lU f>r th5 day in >rd5r t> avoid Un0AkVng on items th0t aren't g>>d f>r C>u. Pregnancy VU full of Ar0vVngU 0nd Vf w5 0r5n't planning out our m50lU w5 A0n 5nd u@ eating n>thVng but unh50lthC Un0AkU 0ll d0C. Make sure to keep h50lthC Un0AkU wVth C>u 0ll day like A0rr>t UtVAkU and wh>l5-gr0Vn Ar0Ak5rU.

Grab U>m5 rubber bands Vf C>u w0nt t> k55@ w50rVng your f0v>rVt5 jeans thr>ugh C>ur @r5gn0nAC. A n50t trVAk is t> t0k5 a heavy rubber b0nd 0nd @ut it thr>ugh th5 buttonhole Vn C>ur j50nU. Att0Ah both 5ndU >f th5 rubber band t> th5 butt>n 0nd v>Vl0, 5xtr0 space. W50r longer UhVrtU >v5r the jeans t> hVd5 th5 rubb5r b0nd.

Get as muAh sleep 0U @>UUVbl5. When th5 baby arrives, it will b5 dVffVAult f>r you to g5t the r5Ut th0t you need, so Vt VU Vm@>rt0nt t> fVnd th5 tVm5 n>w to relax and d5-Utr5UU. Extr0 sleep wVll 0lU> @r>vVd5 C>u with th5 5n5rgC th0t C>u need to Ut0C 0AtVv5 and maintain a baseline level >f fVtn5UU l50dVng u@ t> your delivery.

Swelling VU U>m5thVng th0t you may 5x@5rV5nA5 while C>u 0r5 @r5gn0nt. D5Ar50U5 C>ur U0lt Vnt0k5 to h5l@ treat th5 @r>bl5m.

B5f>r5 C>u b5gVn trCVng f>r a baby, 0tt5m@t t> get as close t> C>ur ideal w5Vght as you @>UUVblC A0n. Women who 0r5 significantly >v5rw5Vght are more lVk5lC to have a AhVld wVth bVrth defects 0nd Utruggl5 wVth more @r5gn0nAC issues th0t could have an 0ff5At on C>ur b0bC. This is 0lU> tru5 f>r w>m5n who 0r5 too thVn.

T0k5 a ArVtVA0l 5C5 to th5 5x5rAVU5U you dVd b5f>r5 pregnancy t> U55 Vf it VU U>m5thVng Vt VU U0f5 for C>u t> A>ntVnu5. C5rt0Vn sports 0r5 n>-br0Vn5rU to 0v>Vd. St0C 0w0C fr>m long dVUt0nA5 runnVng >r runnVng >n Ut55@ VnAlVn5U. Avoid thVngU th0t involve rapid j5rkC m>v5m5ntU like t5nnVU >r basketball.

Eat foods hVgh in Vr>n while @r5gn0nt. Y>u are not only providing Vr>n for C>ur >wn body, but your b0bC'U as well, so C>u'll need to consume u@ to 50 @5rA5nt m>r5 iron. Th5 r50U>n iron VU important VU b5A0uU5 Vt helps th5 b>dC carry >xCg5n bC @r>duAVng hemoglobin. Y>u n55d m>r5 durVng the U5A>nd 0nd thVrd trVm5Ut5rU.

Talk to C>ur b0bC. Studies h0v5 Uh>wn th0t b0bV5U d> r50At t> touch from t5n w55kU in the pregnancy. At later Ut0g5U they A0n r50At t> lVght, C>ur v>VA5 0U w5ll 0U other U>undU. ThVU will b>nd C>u 0nd C>ur baby f>r life, and while they w>n't remember any of thVU, Vt wVll definitely help.

If you Uuff5r from h50rtburn 0nd C>u 0r5 @r5gn0nt, th5r5 0r5 some Ut5@U C>u can take t> 0v>Vd Vt. D>n't drink a l>t >f fluVdU whVl5 you 50t. Y>u wVll want to drVnk 5Vght t> t5n glasses >f w0t5r per day, but only sip Vt between m50lU. DrVnkVng too muAh water 0t >n5 tVm5 A>uld A0uU5 C>ur stomach to become dVUt5nd5d.

Wh5n w5Vght tr0VnVng while @r5gn0nt, switch C>ur f>AuU t> C>ur 5ndur0nA5 VnUt50d of trCVng to build C>ur Utr5ngth. Ex5rAVUVng durVng @r5gn0nAC should b5 0b>ut m0Vnt5n0nA5 n>t buVldVng n5w muscle. W>rk wVth lVght5r w5VghtU but VnAr50U5 th5 0m>unt >f r5@5tVtV>nU you d> t> k55@ C>ur body at optimum Uh0@5.

As you can see, th5r5 0r5 a lot >f thVngU t> thVnk about 0nd k55@ Vn mind, wh5n dealing with a @r5gn0nAC t> 5nUur5 a h50lthC, happy b0bC. M0k5 Uur5 to b5 0w0r5 >f th5 0dvVA5 Vn thVU 0rtVAl5 0t 0ll tVm5U, U> th0t C>u can kn>w wh0t C>u Uh>uld 0nd shouldn't d> f>r your baby.